Top 10 Fertility Naturopaths in Sydney

Top 10 Fertility Naturopaths in Sydney

If you are trying to get pregnant but not having the luck you’d like, it might time to consult a professional.

Whilst most of the times our minds jump to doctors and hospitals, there are actually many natural pathways to assist with fertility.

Infertility is a big issue across Australia with 1 in 6 couples experiencing troubles. This means that you are not alone.

The good news is that there are many professionals able to help in a range of different ways.

If you want to keep things natural and holistic, seeing a naturopath can be a good idea.

Many naturopaths have a special interest in fertility and treating gynaecological and hormonal problems.

Their services can range from natural fertility management plans, support while going through IVF cycles, and general diet and lifestyle advice to enhance fertility.

Around Sydney, there are many excellent naturopaths specialising in fertility management.

Here are some of the top naturopaths to get in contact with.

Although not all of them have their qualifications mentioned on their website, they are extremely professional, experienced, and well trained.

    Amongst other areas, Joanne Kennedy has a special interest in women’s hormones and how these impact on fertility.

    She looks at a range of factors including diet, lifestyle, and stress issues that present in client’s lives to help them achieve conception.

    She works closely and establishing a personal relationship with each client as an individual to better understand them and their fertility needs.

    Location: Sydney CBD
    Years experience: Not mentioned
    Main area: Hormonal imbalance
    Qualification: Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy

      Jacintha Gunasekera joined the Jocelyn Center in 2002 as a natural fertility management specialist.

      She has a broad depth of knowledge about women’s reproductive issues and what kind of natural solutions work in different cases.

      Jacintha is supportive of couples trying to reach their fertility goals and offers reasonable and practical diet and lifestyle advice as part of her services.

      Location: Sydney CBD
      Years experience: Since 2002
      Main area: Natural fertility management
      Qualification: Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy

        As a local Sydney naturopath, Belinda Kirkpatrick is passionate about helping couples overcome their fertility issues and conceive naturally.

        She offers diet, lifestyle, and wellness advice in addition to herbal medicine and natural remedies.

        She also founded The Seed Concept app which helps women better understand and control their hormonal health.

        Location: Balmain
        Years experience: Not mentioned
        Main area: Natural fertility management
        Qualification: Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), Masters in Reproductive Medicine

          With a clinic training in naturopathy and a passionate interest in women’s health and fertility, Jennifer Woerner certainly knows her stuff.

          She focuses on preconception care, male and female reproductive health, and natural fertility management.

          Jennifer uses a range of herbal medicines, supplements, and diet and lifestyle changes to make sure the body is in optimal condition for pregnancy.

          Location: Sydney CBD
          Years experience: Not mentioned
          Main area: Natural fertility management, male and female reproductive health
          Qualification: Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

            Leah Hechtman is passionate about natural fertility and helping people understand their bodies so that they can be empowered.

            She looks at fertility as part of the bigger picture of holistic health and has recommendations for herbal medicine and dietary and lifestyle advice.

            All of these contributing factors are important in Leah’s practice.

            She is a leading clinical expert in reproductive health.

            Location: Crow’s Nest
            Years experience: Not mentioned
            Main area: Conception support, IVF/ART support
            Qualification: Master of Science in Medicine, PhD research in Women’s Health

              With over 20 years in the health industry and a passion for natural fertility, Murray Henry is an excellent choice to turn to for fertility guidance.

              Murray has a keen approach to working closely with patients to understand their fertility struggles and establishes way to achieve their goals.

              He offers a range of nutritional advice, herbal remedies, and fitness instructions to get the body into prime shape for conception to take place.

              Location: Chatswood
              Years experience: Over 20 years
              Main area: Natural fertility management
              Qualification: Bachelor of Health Science (Reproductive Biology)

                Vicki Turner both treats and inspires her patients to have optimal health.

                She treats a range of conditions including her specialised field of reproductive health. In this, she looks at women’s health issues, hormonal imbalances, and preconception care.

                Vicki also treats male infertility by using natural medicines to boost sperm count and quality.

                Location: Maroubra
                Years experience: Over 25 years
                Main area: Male and female infertility
                Qualification: Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

                  Using her focus fields of clinical medicine and complementary medicine, Krista Macklin has a special interest in fertility, reproductive health, and women’s health and hormonal conditions.

                  Krista treats patients using a range of herbal medicine and in conjunction with GP partners to assess and diagnose fertility problems.

                  Location: Burraneer
                  Years experience: Over 12 years
                  Main area: Herbal fertility management
                  Qualification: Masters in Herbal Medicine and Pharmacy

                    Specialising in reproductive health, infertility, and preconception care, Amanda Haberecht works with an integrative approach to health and wellbeing.

                    She uses a range of conventional and complementary medicines and treatments to help couples conceive naturally.

                    Amanda also delivers keynote talks on natural fertility methods as well as offering naturopathic IVF support.

                    She is the medical director of Darling Health.

                    Location: Leichhardt
                    Years experience: More than 10 years
                    Main area: Naturopathic IVF support, natural fertility management
                    Qualification: Not stated

                      The main area of Kathleen McFarlane’s clinic is looking at the body as a thing of balance.

                      She focuses on hormonal imbalances to address reproductive health concerns.

                      She has extensive training in naturopath treatment for preconception care.

                      Kathleen works with patients to look at ways they can optimise their body for pregnancy, including looking at diet, nutrition, and lifestyle to improve the health of the sperm, fetus, and ova.

                      She works with patients in both natural conception and IVF.

                      Location: Paddington
                      Years experience: Over 10 years
                      Main area: Reproductive health, fertility, and IVF support
                      Qualification: Not mentioned

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