Top 10 Fertility Naturopaths in Melbourne (2019)

Top 10 Fertility Naturopaths in Melbourne (2019)

For many couples around Australia, conceiving a child is harder than they think at first. This is a common problem, with 1 in 6 Australian couples having fertility issues. There are many factors that contribute to infertility, including diet, lifestyle, genetics, and health concerns.

Fortunately, there are many remedies available to assist with infertility. Even better, not everything has to be medical related or involving surgery. In fact, there are a range of natural fertility options available. Consulting with a naturopath in the early day of fertility struggles can help identify, assess, and relieve fertility issues that are going on.

Naturopaths offer natural medicine and holistic practices to help align the body in a way that chances of conception are increased. Given there are no medical complications or serious health problems, naturopaths can help you fall pregnant quicker. A lot of naturopathic practices relate to hormonal balancing, IVF support, and helping get the body ready for natural conception. These services are available to heterosexual and same sex couples trying to start a family.

Here are 10 of the top naturopaths offering fertility services around Melbourne.

    Emma Tippett has a holistic outlook on the body and believes that the gut is literally the centre of wellbeing. Her research and experience in treating stomach related illness gives her good insight to fertility awareness and management. Through looking at the whole body working together, Emma looks at hormonal balance and fertility management with advice ranging from diet to lifestyle.

    Location: Blackburn South
    Years experience: Since 2004
    Main area: Hormonal health and fertility awareness
    Qualification: Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy

      Highly skilled in naturopathic care for women’s health, Gina Fox (of Fertile Ground Health Group) has a lot of clinical and practical experience in using naturopathy to assist with fertility. She can support with IVF cycles to improve the chances of getting pregnant. Gina also takes a look at preconception health for women and ways to improve sperm quality in men. She also guides patients in meditation practice to remove stressors that can impact negatively on conception.

      Location: East Melbourne
      Years experience: Over 15 years
      Main area: Conception health, IVF support, infertility
      Qualification: Masters in Reproductive Medicine

        Having a special interest and expertise in natural fertility, Joanne Lipinski of BabyCreate has many methods to address fertility concerns. She supports a range of patients including women over the age of 35 and couples having trouble conceiving. Joanne has experience assisting both men and women with their fertility issues.

        Location: Ormond
        Years experience: Over 20 years
        Main area: Natural fertility treatment
        Qualification: Qualified and registered naturopath and pharmacist

          Emma Berry, of Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic, combines an understanding of convention and modern medicines with traditional naturopathic approaches. This informs her treatment of fertility problems by encouraging proactive awareness when it comes to conception. Her philosophy is grounded in a personalised and caring approach. Emma treats women’s health and fertility including IVF support.

          Location: North Melbourne
          Years experience: Not mentioned
          Main area: Women’s infertility and IVF support
          Qualification: Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

            The founder and director of Reproductive Wellness, Michelle Cooke is an experienced naturopath with an interest in hormonal balancing and fertility. She focuses on natural fertility management and also assists couples and women who are trying to get pregnant on IVF cycles. In addition to these services, Michelle offers diet and lifestyle advice as well as herbal nutritional medicines.

            Location: South Melbourne
            Years experience: 16 years
            Main area: Natural fertility management, IVF support
            Qualification: Bachelor of Health Science, Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

              Tina Jenkins has extensive knowledge of natural fertility methods in both Australia and Singapore. She spent many years working at an IVF center in Singapore learning to assist couples with natural methods to help them conceive. She has ongoing expertise in preconception care and women’s fertility issues.

              Location: East Melbourne
              Years experience: More than 10 years
              Main area: IVF support, preconception care, women’s fertility issues
              Qualification: Advanced Certificate in Natural Fertility Management

                With over 30 years experience in the naturopathic field, Sandra Dillon has plenty of expert advice on how to get the body ready for pregnancy. She deals mostly with natural fertility management and using natural methods. This include things such as diet and lifestyle advice as well as natural herbal based medicines to boost fertility.

                Location: Garden Vale
                Years experience: Over 30 years
                Main area: Natural fertility management
                Qualification: Naturopathic Diploma Southern School of Natural Therapies

                  One of the leading fertility specialists, Anne Digby is highly qualified and sought after. Many gynaecologists around Melbourne refer patients onto Anne for natural fertility treatment. As well as being a fertility expert, Anne is also a herbalist and midwife so she has many diverse aspects of knowledge to bring to the table. She has been associated with IVF programs around Melbourne since 1983 and has used natural remedies to support IVF patients.

                  Location: Kew
                  Years experience: Since the 1980s
                  Main area: IVF support, natural fertility management
                  Qualification: Masters of Reproductive Medicine

                    With a down to earth and holistic approach, Josie Ceniti established a strong rapport with patients early on. She guides them along the options of dealing with their infertility in a sensitive and empathetic manner. She has many natural medicine remedies and solutions on how to restore the body and hormonal balance back to its full fertility potential.

                    Location: Moonee Ponds
                    Years experience: More than 15 years
                    Main area: Natural fertility support
                    Qualification: Not mentioned

                      Leanne Pugno works to support clients based on their individual needs and goals. She offers a wide range of naturopathic services including a focus on women’s health concerns, such as fibroids and endometritis. Leanne also offers preconception support for couples to enhance natural fertility. Furthermore, she also deals with subfertility in men and women as well as hormonal issues.

                      Location: Brunswick
                      Years experience: Not mentioned
                      Main area: Women’s health, preconception care, subfertility treatment for men and women
                      Qualification: Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

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