Top 10 Fertility Specialists in the Gold Coast 2019

Top 10 Fertility Specialists in the Gold Coast 2019

Note: This article in no way claims these experts to be the absolute best, neither does BabyInfo or this article guarantee any sort of success with these fertility experts

If you have dreams of extending your family and bringing new life into the world, you are surely entering an exciting time filled with anticipation and hope. Sadly, for many people, issues with infertility can get in the way of achieving the goal of conception.

Around Australia, many couples are faced with fertility problems. In fact, this is something that affects about 1 in 6 couples around the nation. So, if you are having fertility issues, you certainly aren’t alone.

There can be many causes and reasons behind fertility issues. These can be things that are genetic, medical, or related to lifestyle. If you are having trouble conceiving, seeing a fertility specialist is the best way to identify what is going on.

For those located in the Gold Coast, amongst the sun and the surf there are many excellent fertility experts who can help you out. Here are ten of the top fertility specialists in the Gold Coast for your reference.

A senior Monash IVF specialist, Dr Kee Ong is certainly an expert in his field. He has a broad understanding of fertility issues facing women and ways to resolve them. He uses holistic planning and care to address fertility issues, as well as recognising when IVF is the best choice.

Years experience: Since 1995
Qualifications: BMedSci, MBBS, MMed, FRANZCOG
Main expertise: Fertility, pregnancy planning, IVF, IUI, ovulation induction
Practicing clinic/location: Southport, Helensvale

Dr Michael Flynn is a renowned gynecological surgeon who is able to perform operations to make conception happen. He dedicates his career to helping couples conceive, no matter how complex the surgery may be. Dr Flynn is available by appointment or by referral from other specialists who don’t offer laparoscopic surgical procedures.

Years experience: Since 1998
Qualifications: Assistant Professor at Bond University
Main expertise: Fertility management, IVF, gynaecological surgery
Practicing clinic/location: Benowa

A leading person in reproductive technological advancement, Dr Gary Swift is one of the top gynaecologists in the Gold Coast area. He works more on the surgical and procedural side of handling fertility issues. He is a leading researcher in advancing minimally invasive operations for infertility.

Years experience: Since 1993
Qualifications: MBBS (QLD), FRANZCOG, Masters Reproductive Medicine (UNSW)
Main expertise: Ovulation induction, IVF, ICSI, GIFT, fertility preservation
Practicing clinic/location: Benowa

This is a clinic that focuses on putting the patient first. Dr Alwyn Dunn takes a specialised focusing in offer expert advice that is related to the individual, so you can rest assured that you will be listened to and treated like a person. He is an extensively experienced doctor with a personal touch.

Years experience: Over 25 years
Qualifications: Not specifically mentioned on website
Main expertise: IVF, IUI, fertility care advice
Practicing clinic/location: Benowa

With years of training behind him, Dr Andrew Cary specialises in all aspects of fertility, including IVF procedures and laparoscopic surgery. He is well versed in dealing with high care cases and patients are often referred to him for this reason. He has a proactive and caring manner which is professional at all times.

Years experience: Since 1993
Qualifications: MBBS (QLD), FRANZCOG
Main expertise: Fertility, obstetrics, gynaecology
Practicing clinic/location: QFG Gold Coast Fertility Clinic and Private Practice

    From the initial fertility assessment to establishing the best course of action, Dr Benjamin Bopp and his team provide holistic and empathetic care the entire time. He is experienced in dealing with infertility cases in women of all ages, especially women over the age of 35 when natural fertility chances has decreased.

    Years experience: Since 1999
    Qualifications: RANZCOG
    Main expertise: IUI, IVF, IO, ICSI, fertility preservation, frozen embryo transfer
    Practicing clinic/location: Pindara Private Hospital, Gold Coast

      Before emigrating to Australia from the UK, Dr Penelope Isherwood did extensive IVF clinical training. She now works with the Gold Coast Fertility Group in offering state of the art fertility treatment to women and couples. Dr Isherwood has a friendly personality and expert knowledge in her field.

      Years experience: 18 years
      Qualifications: Not specifically mentioned
      Main expertise: IVF, ICSI, egg freezing, sperm disorders and treatments
      Practicing clinic/location: Pindara Specialist Suites, Benowa

        For fertility issues, Dr Neil Wallman offers expert advice and opinions to both men and women. At his centre, full IVF procedures take place. Before IVF becomes the course of action, Dr Wallman provides pre-conceptual advice and does thorough assessment on both men and women in fertility cases. As a doctor, he recognises that no two cases are the same and pays close attention to individuals in his assessments.

        Years experience: Over 30 years
        Qualifications: MBBS (Syd), MRACOG, FRACOG, FRANZCOG
        Main expertise: IVF, male infertility, ICSI, TESA, CGH
        Practicing clinic/location: Gold Coast Women’s Health and Conception Centre

          With an approachable nature, Dr Bogdan Benga is a fertility expert able to discuss, outline, and make informed suggestions for patients on their fertility journey. He takes into account women’s wishes when it comes to conception, fertility choices, and pregnancy in general. His main focus is upholding what his patient wants in a sensitive and practical manner to obtain conception.

          Years experience: Not stated
          Qualifications: MBBS (UNSW), MRANZCOG, FRANZCOG
          Main expertise: Fertility, gynaecology, obstetrics
          Practicing clinic/location: QFG Sunshine Coast Fertility Clinic

            Born and education in Ireland, Dr Timothy O’Dowd arrived in Australia in 1975. Since then, he has been advancing his skills and expertise in the fertility field. He has a broad range of knowledge in diagnosing infertility issues and finding the right route for individual patients. He is well known for his kind and compassionate manner.

            Years experience: Since 1975 in Australia
            Qualifications: MBBChBAO, FRCOG, FRANZCOG
            Main expertise: Fertility, obstetrics, gynaecology
            Practicing clinic/location: QFG Gold Coast Fertility Clinic

            Other Fertility Specialists in Gold Coast

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