Top 10 Fertility Specialists in Canberra 2019

Top 10 Fertility Specialists in Canberra 2019

Note: This article in no way claims these experts to be the absolute best, neither does BabyInfo or this article guarantee an sort of success with these fertility experts

Infertility is a bigger problem than many couples realise at first. In Australia, around 1 in 6 couples have trouble conceiving naturally. Some of the reasons that infertility occurs include genetic problems, age, lifestyle, and egg or sperm production. Thankfully, there are many fertility specialists able to assist with the right advice and recommend the right solutions.

While ours minds tend to jump to IVF as the main treatment for infertility, there are other options available. These are some of the leading fertility specialists in Canberra offering a variety of services. It is good to know that surgery doesn’t always have to be the only option for infertility and there are some less intense procedures out there.

These fertility specialists are qualified in IVF, intrauterine insemination, artificial insemination, and fertility management. Many have experiences in both male and female infertility. Amongst these top 10 fertility specialists are those holding masters degree in reproductive medicine that come with extensive years of work and practice in the field.

With their help, you can get closer to reaching your conception dreams. Often, you will be referred to one of these specialists after consultations with a GP to first determine the fertility issues. Get in touch with of these experts to find the right pathway for your fertility journey.

    An experienced gynaecologist and obstetrician, Dr David O’Rourke has years of practice in this field. He has a specialised interest in fertility and laparoscopic surgery. He has worked with changing reproductive technology to incorporate fertility into his practice. He is one of the few fertility specialists who still delivers babies.

    Location: Deakin
    Years experience: Not mentioned
    Main area: Fertility, laparoscopic surgery, baby delivery
    Qualification: Masters in Reproductive Medicine

      Focusing on infertility and IVF in his gynaecology and obstetrics career, Dr Steven Adair is a clinical medical director in Canberra. He is a fertility doctor who still delivers babies and has a key interest in fertility treatments and maternal medicine. He has worked extensively in Australia and the UK.

      Location: Deakin
      Years experience: Since 1993
      Main area: Infertility and IVF
      Qualification: RCOG and RANZCOG Fellow

        Through working in rural medicine, Dr Felicity Brims developed an interest in gynaecology and obstetrics. She volunteered as an obstetrician with Doctors Without Borders in 2006 and gained infertility accreditation with GENEA in 2011. Now, she works at the Calvary John James Hospital and lectures at ANU Medical School.

        Location: Deakin
        Years experience: More than 10 years
        Main area: Infertility
        Qualification: Masters in Reproductive Medicine

          With a holistic approach to medicine and fertility, Dr Nicole Sides has spent the past 20 years helping couples and individuals achieve their fertility goals. In 2009, Nicole opened ISIS Fertility which is now known as Compass Fertility. She also has consulting rooms at Cavalry Private, Barton Private, and Calvary John James hospitals in Canberra.

          Location: Barton
          Years experience: Over 20 years
          Main area: Fertility specialist and gynaecologist
          Qualification: Masters in Reproductive Medicine

            Having worked in Sydney and London, Dr Sim Hom Tam has a breadth of experience. His speciality is infertility, gynaecology, and obstetrics. He works alongside Dr Nicole Sides at Compass Fertility as well as consulting at Capital Day Private Surgery, Barton Private Hospital, and Calvary John James Hospital amongst others.

            Location: Around Canberra
            Years experience: Not mentioned
            Main area: Infertility, gynaecology, and obstetrics.
            Qualification: Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

              A leader in fertility treatment in Canberra, Dr Sarah Broderick offers assistance from preconception to delivery. She approaches each case with a belief that women should feel empowered on their fertility journey and deserve communication at each point. She embraces new technologies to help further her understanding in the field.

              Location: Garran
              Years experience: Not mentioned
              Main area: General infertility, intrauterine insemination, egg freezing
              Qualification: Masters in Reproductive Medicine

                Dr Tween Low uses evidence based approaches to support and accompany patients on their fertility journey. She discusses different elements of fertility management clearly and precisely with clients. Tween works at both John James Calvary Hospital and National Capital Private Hospital. She also guest lectures at the ANU Medical School.

                Location: Deakin
                Years experience: Since 1994
                Main area: General infertility, endometriosis
                Qualification: Master of Reproductive Medicine

                  After starting studying when the first IVF baby was conceived in the 1980s, Steve Robson developed a keen interest in fertility treatment. He worked as a gynaecologist for many years before focusing on fertility and reproductive assistance. He provides top quality care and guidance to men and women with fertility issues. He is also qualified and experienced in male reproductive surgery.

                  Location: Deakin
                  Years experience: Since the 1980s
                  Main area: General infertility, male infertility
                  Qualification: Master of Reproductive Health and Human Genetics

                    Dr Tobias Angstmann is an experience obstetrician and gynaecologist. He joined Genea’s Canberra clinic in 2013 and also works as a consulting obstetrician at The Canberra Hospital and Calvary Bruce. He also has rooms at the National Capital Private Hospital. He is well sought after for his expertise in reproductive medicine.

                    Location: Garran
                    Years experience: Not mentioned
                    Main area: General infertility, reproductive medicine
                    Qualification: Masters of Reproductive Medicine

                      In his consultations, Dr Omar Gailani works to address the fertility issue. He has expertise in assessing and diagnosing male and fertility treatment. He is also qualified in fertility surgery, artificial insemination, and IVF. He works at Capital Women’s Health as a gynaecological surgeon and The Canberra Hospital.

                      Location: Canberra
                      Years experience: Since 1992
                      Main area: Male infertility, IVF, ovulation tracking
                      Qualification: Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology