Top 10 Fertility Specialists in Brisbane 2019

Top 10 Fertility Specialists in Brisbane 2019

Note: This article in no way claims these experts to be the absolute best, neither does BabyInfo or this article guarantee any sort of success with these fertility experts

Deciding to go to a fertility clinic might feel like a big decision, and can leave some couples feeling like they’ve ‘failed’ in some way. But that is not the case at all.

Fertility clinics and doctors are not all about IVF or parents who’ve struggled to get pregnant, they’re also a great resource for understanding fertility and your own cycles better to help improve your chances of getting pregnant. It’s a way of better understanding your body and your health.

Choosing the right specialist for you will depend on what you’re looking to get out of the experience. It’s definitely worth investigating who offers what in your area, and researching who can offer you the best fit for you and your circumstances.

Below is a look at some of the top fertility specialists in Brisbane:

Dr Simone Campbell’s focus is on providing long-term, high-quality advice and guidance to her patients. She is one of only a handful of post-graduate qualified fertility specialists in Brisbane, and takes pride in delivering tailored, effective and clear support to her patients. With patient tailored communication and Dr Campbell’s goal is to not only help you understand, but be fully aware and inclusive for your entire fertility journey.

Location: Brisbane CBD
Years of Experience: Qualified since 2003 (14 years experience)
Main Specialism: Male & Female Infertility - Contact for further details
Highest Qualification: Master of Reproductive Medicine

Dr Melissa Luckensmeyer is also part of the Queensland Fertility Group and has established herself as an excellent specialist in the field. She is experienced in diagnosing and treating a range of fertility challenges, and provides patients with a thorough investigative approach in order to develop a very individualised treatment plan. Dr Luckensmeyer is also one of a few fertility specialists who is also able to provide obstetric care in Brisbane. This means she is able to care for her patients from fertility and throughout their pregnancy journey.

Location: Spring Hill, Brisbane
Years of Experience: 10 years
Specialisms: Fertility, Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Highest Qualification: Graduate of the University of Queensland and a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr Julie Lindstrom is the Clinical Director of the City Fertility Centre. She has extensive experience and a strong passion for obstetrics and gynaecology, and is able to offer her patients very individualised services to meet their needs. Her focus is on providing strong understanding and support throughout any fertility journey and is happy to work with patients on any facet of fertility care.

Location: Spring Hill, Brisbane
Years of Experience: 22 years working in subfertility, previously in gynaecology
Main Specialisms: IVF and fertility care, Fertility-related gynaecology, Endoscopic surgery for the treatment of endometriosis.
Highest Qualification: Masters in Reproductive Medicine

Dr Glenn Sterling is the director of the Life Fertility Clinic located within the campus of St Andrew’s Hospital in Spring Hill, Brisbane. After completing his initial medical studies in Queensland, Dr Stirling went on to specialize his studies in reproductive technologies including IVF, in England, UK. He takes pride in running a highly professional centre, and resources top quality staff himself to help deliver excellent services to all patients at the centre.

Location: Spring Hill, Brisbane
Years of Experience: Over 20
Main Specialisms: IVF, Intrauterine Insemination, Predictive Diagnostic Testing, Male Factor Infertility, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, Laparoscopic fertility assessment and treatment, TESA/PESA (treatment after vasectomy)
Highest Qualification: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), The University of Queensland

Dr Ashish Das has over 20 years experience specialising in fertility. He regularly collaborates with international conferences to ensure that he is up to date on latest developments and state-of-the-art technology for to help improve his patients success of falling pregnant. Dr Das has been praised for his empathetic and open ended approach that also offers a high level of expertise.

Location: Brisbane Private Hospital, Brisbane
Years of Experience: Over 25 years
Specialisms: Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Gynaecological and Male Fertility challenges
Highest Qualification: Information not available

Dr David Molloy is a specialist in gynaecology and IVF, and has worked in the industry for more than 25 years. He runs the Queensland Fertility Group Centre based in Spring Hill, Brisbane and has established a busy practice caring for patients with a variety of fertility needs. He is one of Queensland’s most highly regarded fertility specialists and advanced laparoscopic surgeons. Dr Molloy achieved the first GIFT pregnancy in Australia, and performed the first advanced laparoscopic surgery and the first ultrasound-guided egg pick-ups in Queensland.

Location: Spring Hill, Brisbane
Years of Experience: Over 25 years
Specialisms: Fertility, Laparoscopic Surgery, Gynaecology
Highest Qualification: Information not available

Dr Graham Tronc is a gynaecology, obstetric and infertility specialist located in the Wesley Medical Centre, part of the Wesley Hospital in Auchenflower. He offers obstetric care from pre-conception right through to postnatal.He specialises in the treatment of a variety of gynaecological conditions including endometriosis, adenomyosis, polycystic ovarian Syndrome, and dysmenorrhoea. He runs his own clinic at the Wesley Medical Centre and is also able to provide fertility treatments such as artificial insemination and IVF. Dr Tronc is dedicated to The Wesley Research Institute and is currently undertaking research into the Genetics of Endometriosis.

Location: Auchenflower, Brisbane
Years of Experience: Over 25 years
Specialisms: Endometriosis, adenomyosis, polycystic ovarian Syndrome, and dysmenorrhoea.
Highest Qualification: Information not available

Dr Peta Wright is a specialist obstetrician, gynaecologist and fertility specialist. She takes pride in her holistic approach to helping her patients manage their overall health and fertility journeys. Her focus is on providing strong advice and guidance, and educating her patients to empower them to achieve the best quality of life and results through her care.

Location: Spring Hill, Brisbane
Years of Experience: 12 years
Specialisms: Gynaecology, Fertility Specialist - contact for more information
Highest Qualification: Undergraduate Medical Degree from Monash University

Dr Karen Watson is a highly experienced fertility specialist, and is the current Director of Queensland Fertility Group. Her experience stems from over 10 years of practice and as a sought-after obstetrician. Dr Watson decided to focus her practice solely on infertility issues, when she noticed a growing trend and need for treatment in this area. She currently works out of The Wesley Hospital.

Location: Spring Hill, Brisbane
Years of Experience: Over 10 years
Specialism: Female Fertility - contact for further information
Highest Qualification: Information not available

Doctor Hayden Homer is a current fertility specialist with an extensive background in fertility related research. He is a subspecialist in reproductive medicine and surgery, and is also a specialist in fertility related conditions such as fibroids and endometriosis. He has worked internationally in clinics in London including as the Consultant Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine at University College London Hospital, which is one of the UK’s leading reproductive medical units.

Location: Brookwater, Brisbane
Years of Experience: Over 20 years experience
Specialisms: Gynaecology, female fertility, endometriosis, reproductive surgery.
Highest Qualification: Phd on Oocyte regulation

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