Top 10 Fertility Clinics in Sunshine Coast 2019

Top 10 Fertility Clinics in Sunshine Coast 2019

If starting a family isn’t going to plan, it might be time to seek out some professional assistance. Infertility is a problem that is more common than most people realise. There are a large amount of couples across Australia affected by infertility. If you are part of the 1 in 6 couples having trouble to conceive, rest assured you are not alone.

Since infertility is such a high problem, there are many clinics with top quality specialists able to help. Finding the right place to start off your fertility journey can make it all the easier to reach your conception dreams.

Fertility clinics are becoming more and more accessible all around Australia. Rather than having to rely on large cities to find the best of the best, many fertility clinics are available in smaller cities.

Here are some of the best fertility clinic options on the Sunshine Coast. You can get the assistance you need in the close proximity to your sunny home.

    Offering an affordable edge and making fertility treatments more available to more people, Fertility Solutions is largely growing as one of the most reliable fertility clinics on the Sunshine Coast. They specialise in treatments for women over the age of 35. Also, there is a free consultation offered which can make a big difference. There are many different types of IVF available, including low cost and bulk billed options.

    Location: Buderim
    Date established: Not mentioned
    Main treatment: Bulk billed IVF, low cost IVF, general IVF, IUI, ICSI
    Main doctor: Not specifically mentioned on website
    Price range: Starting from $600 with payment plans available

      This fertility centre is attached to a hospital so you can rest assured that you are getting top support from experienced professionals. They offer IVF for a lower cost making it more affordable for you. There is also a comprehensive fertility assessment available to ensure you go down the right fertility track. The first round of IVF is available at an affordable price of $995.

      Location: Kawana Private Hospital, Birtinya
      Date established: Not mentioned
      Main treatment: IVF, ICSI, fertility assessment
      Main doctor: Not mentioned on website
      Price range: Starting at $995 for first round

        Affordable IVF is in the process of amalgamation with Fertility Solutions. Once complete, the two clinics will operate as one, offering low cost and bulk billed IVF options. Affordable IVF was originally started by fertility nurses and doctors who realised the financial burden on couples seeking IVF. The overall aim is to provide high quality, bulk billed IVF and FET treatment.

        Location: Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg
        Date established: Not mentioned
        Main treatment: IVF, FET
        Main doctor: Not available on website
        Price range: Bulk billed (Call and confirm this)

          Accredited with the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee, Coast IVF is a long standing and highly reputable fertility clinic. They take a personalised framework approach to work within your specific needs and situation. Dr Paul Stokes is the clinical director and has a team of experienced and qualified professionals in the Maroochydore area.

          Location: Maroochydore
          Date established: Not mentioned on website
          Main treatment: IVF, ICSI, IUI, OI
          Main doctor: Dr Paul Stokes, Clinical Director
          Price range: IVF starting at $5,000

            Taking a more natural approach to improving fertility, the Integrated Wellness Clinic looks at holistic, lifestyle based solutions. Often couples do need to seek out IVF or medical treatments. Before this needs to happen, natural fertility can help to support the body. They offer a free consultation to establish the fertility issue and what course of action may be needed.

            Location: Buderim
            Date established: Not mentioned
            Main treatment: Hormonal balance, increase in egg and sperm quality, IVF support
            Main doctor: Suzi Le Fanue
            Price range: Not available

              This clinic focuses on natural fertility solutions. They have a large success rate with over 8000 babies conceived through natural remedies over the past 20 years. At Jackson Health, the main focus is on treating hormonal imbalances and blood flow to promote healthy conception. There are also fertility specialists at this clinic who assist with IVF support. Jason Jackson, the leading herbalist, is top of the field in using naturopathic and herbal remedies for infertility and reproductive uses.

              Location: Buddina
              Date established: 1995
              Main treatment: Natural fertility program
              Main doctor: Jason Jackson
              Price range: Not available

                Part of the larger Queensland Fertility Group, this is one of the most reliable fertility clinics with state of the art equipment available. It is well resourced and able to offer a range of fertility treatments. There is also a ‘his and hers fertility package’ which is budget friendly. As well as this, there are other tailored and individual packages available.

                Location: Buderim
                Date established: Not available
                Main treatment: IVF, OI, ICSI, IUI
                Main doctor: Dr James Moir, Dr Petra Ladwig
                Price range: Fertility consultation starts at $180

                  Operating through private consultations and as part of the Queensland Fertility Group, Moir Medical is run by Dr James Moir. Known for his personable attitude and down to earth approach, Dr Moir is well sought after in the fertility world. He has many years dealing with IVF and has been leading the field in technological changes at this front.

                  Location: Buderim
                  Date established: Not mentioned
                  Main treatment: IVF, ICSI, gynaecology appointments
                  Main doctor: Dr James Moir
                  Price range: Not available

                    Part of the wider Fertility Specialist Group operating on the Sunshine Coast, this branch is specific for just IVF. Along with different IVF treatments such as egg freezing and sperm donors, there is also onsite fertility counselling available at this part. This can make a big difference for the emotional journey of IVF.

                    Location: Buderim
                    Date established: Not mentioned
                    Main treatment: IVF
                    Main doctor: Not available
                    Price range: Not available

                      With a focus on obstetrics and gynaecology, this clinic helps women achieve their fertility dreams. There is a strong focus on surgical solutions for conception, including laparoscopic surgery here. This clinic is more for if you are referred to a specialist for surgical treatment.

                      Location: Buderim
                      Date established: Not mentioned
                      Main treatment: Laparoscopic surgery, vaginal surgery, pelvic disorder treatment
                      Main doctor: Dr Kevin Larwood
                      Price range: Not available

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