Top 10 Fertility Clinics in Perth 2019

Top 10 Fertility Clinics in Perth 2019

In many cases, life doesn’t turn out to be as easy as one might expect at first. This is a common problem that many couples encounter when trying to start a family. Something that is such an organic process can prove to have many hurdles and roadblocks along the way.

Infertility is a big issue that is more common that we realise. For many couples trying to conceive, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. This can be for many reasons, including lifestyle factors, genetic issues, or health concerns. Whatever the issue, infertility is emotionally distressing and frustrating.

Thankfully, there are many qualified and experienced doctors available to assist with infertility issues. Around Perth, there are many clinics where your infertility case will treated with respect and empathy. After all, this is a sensitive time so you want to ensure that your infertility will be taken seriously in a compassionate manner.

This clinic is part of the wider Genea Fertility Group which is committed to helping more women get pregnant in the face of infertility. This is a clinic that respects different beliefs about conception and pregnancy and takes into account individual perspective and circumstance. There is also onsite counselling available to help you through the fertility journey.

Location: Nedlands
Success rate: No statistics available on website
Cost range: Not available on website
Main doctor: Dr Simon Turner, Professor Lincoln Brett
Main treatments: Intrauterine insemination, ovarian stimulation, IVF, fertility preservation

Starting with a comprehensive first appointment, Fertility North has a team of well experienced doctors who can identity the issues causing infertility. There are a wide range of services to assist with infertility, as well as counselling offered to ease the emotional burden of this process.

Location: Joondalup Private Hospital
Success rate: 49% in women aged 30-34, 29% in ages 35-39, 20% ages 40-44
Cost range: Not available on website
Main doctor: Dr Vince Chapple
Main treatments: Cycle tracking, ICSI, IVF, IUI, ovulation induction

Doctors ListTeam at Fertility North

This small scale clinic has advanced treatment in egg freezing, fertility solutions, as well as gynaecology services. On offer is a unique program called IVF lite which reduces the overall cost of IVF by using blastocyst culture. They are very much involved in advancing fertility techniques and using newer procedures.

Location: Bunbury
Success rate: Not available on website
Cost range: Not available on website
Main doctor: Professor John Lovich
Main treatments: IVF lite, egg freezing

Doctors List: Fertility Specialists at Pivet

    This is a clinic that nurtures and supports their patients throughout the infertility journey. The doctors are highly specialised and trained in the different fields of fertility treatments. They investigate each individual case to best understand which route is most suitable.

    Location: Claremont, Applecross
    Success rate: 53% for women aged 30-34, 45% for women aged less than 30 for fresh IVF and ICSI cycles
    Cost range: Not available on website
    Main doctor: Dr Michael Aitken
    Main treatments: Ovulation induction, IVF, ICSI, IUI

    Doctors List: Team at Fertility Specialists of WA

    This is a fertility run by a leading team of experts in their field. The staff at Fertility Great Southern also have a friendly and understanding way of handling fertility cases. Most of the medical procedures are held in the site at Albany and the consulting rooms are in Denmark.

    Location: Denmark or Albany
    Success rate: Not available on website
    Cost range: Not available on website
    Main doctor: Dr Jay Natalwala
    Main treatments: Ovulation induction, IUI, IVF, ICSI, embryo and sperm storage

    Doctors List: Fertility Great Southern Team

      Committed to the pursuit of excellence in helping women get the greatest gift of all, Concept Fertility is a highly rated boutique fertility clinic. They are located in a state of the art hospital with top grade facilities. They also have a unique payment plan option where eligible customers can pay via their superannuation fund.

      Location: Subiaco
      Success rate: In IVF:29% success for women aged less than 35, 22% for women aged 36-39, 19% success for women aged over 40
      Cost range: Not available on website
      Main doctor: Dr Lucy Williams
      Main treatments: Assisted reproduction, egg and sperm freezing, AI and TIC, IVF, donor programs

      Fertility Natural Health and Support Clinics

        This is a house of natural therapies that supports infertility options in a holistic way without heading straight towards medical intervention. The clinic offers personalised support for couples facing fertility problems. Using a causative approach, both partners will be assessed to determine the fertility option and then a natural course of action is recommended.

        Location: Greenwood
        Cost range: $80-$180
        Main doctor: Rachel Leal
        Main treatments: Natural Fertility Programs (includes Herbs and Homoeopathics), Preconception and Pregnancy care, Hypno(therapy) Birthing

          This is a place where preconception health is combined with holistic and naturopathic care as well as medicinal and herbal medicine. For over 20 years, this clinic has been helping couples conceive naturally or supporting them during IVF cycles. The preconception programs here last for 4 months to optimise prenatal health.

          Location: Highgate
          Success rate: Not available on website
          Cost range: $75-$180
          Main doctor: Natalie Pickering
          Main treatments: Natural Fertility Programs, Holistic Preconception Care and Pregnancy Care.

            Here natural fertility awareness is mixed with medical intervention to get the best results on the fertility journey. It takes an integrated educational approach to fertility treatment and is based on a the Creighton Model FertilityCare System. It is more focused on natural family planning solutions before recommending medical treatment.

            Location: Perth
            Success rate: Not available on website
            Cost range: Not available on website
            Main doctor: Dr Thomas Hilger
            Main treatments: fertility awareness, gynaecological support, irregular menstrual cycles

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