Best Fertility Clinics in Brisbane 2019

Best Fertility Clinics in Brisbane 2019

Deciding to go to a fertility clinic can be overwhelming for some. They’re not all about IVF or parents who’ve struggled to get pregnant, they’re also a great resource for understanding fertility and your own cycles better to help improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Choosing the right centre will depend on what you’re looking to get out of it. It’s definitely worth investigating who offers what in your area, and researching which centre will be the best fit for you and your circumstances.

Below is a look at some of the top rated centres in Brisbane and what they currently offer.

The QFG are probably the largest fertility group across Australia and Tasmania with four clinics in Brisbane alone, located at the Watkins Medical Centre, the Alexandra Building, Little Edward Street and Hill House. Their focus is on the latest technology and scientific breakthroughs to aid their treatments and their Little Edward Street clinics houses a state of the art laboratory for specialised in-house fertility diagnostic testing and treatment procedures. These include fertility assessments for men and women, IVF, ICSI and IUI treatments, endocrinology, genetic testing and screening, a surrogacy and donor program. They also provide counselling services throughout your fertility journey.

Success Rate: The QFC are pretty proud of their success rates and provide in depth resources on their website detailing their successes. The graph below shows patients who had a clinical pregnancy and live birth from a frozen embryo in 2014. Check their website here for further information and success stories.

Cost: An initial appointment costs $100-150 per couple and the fees for treatment are then discussed based on your needs. They do accept Medicare, private health insurance and bulk billing in some instances. See their website here for more detailed information.

City Fertility operate across Australia. They opened in 2003 in Brisbane and have two centres based there - one in Brisbane City and one in Brisbane Southside. As far as what they offer is concerned, they provide the full fertility and IVF package for their patients.This includes early fertility testing for both men and women, ovulation inductions, IVF services including ICSI-IVF, testicular biopsy, assisted hatching and genetic testing. They also offer preservation services such as freezing sperm and eggs and a full donor program for heterosexual couples, same sex couples or single women.

Success Rate: This will be based on your individual circumstances. Factors such as age or previous pregnancy history play a big role here but the centre are confident they’re the best team to help. Read more here.

Cost: This depends on the treatment you’ll end up needing but they offer free registration and initial consultation is priced at $150-300 per couple. Find out more here.

Monash IVF have clinics all over Australia and Tasmania including one main centre in Brisbane. They boast a full range of up-to-date fertility services and treatments including fertility assessment for both men and women, IVF and IUI treatment, donor programs, fertility preservation, early intervention support and genetic testing. They also provide natural and complimentary therapies to support fertility.

Success Rates: The Monash group boast one of the highest success rates for IVF in Australia - as indicated in the graph below. Review their website for full details on how they achieve this here.

Cost: They are one of the more expensive centres to go to but they do offer a free initial consultation and full range of financial support advice and options. Read more here.

Life Fertility are Brisbane based and have two centres - one in Springhill and one based at North West Private Hospital. They offer a little more of a relaxed and down-to-Earth style clinic, with a broad range of specialised doctors, nurses, scientists and support staff. Their focus is more on patient care and IVF treatment which includes IUI IVF, alongside other investigative fertility treatments such as ovulation induction and hormonal evaluation for both men and women.

Success Rate: Life Fertility cite the various factors that impact success rate on their website, but you contact them directly for details of their latest clinic pregnancy success rates from their laboratory here.

Cost: Life Fertility accept Medicare part payment but advise that it is important for patients to register for the Medicare Safety Net to enable them to gain an increased rebate than would normally be available. After Medicare rebates, a one year cycle of IVF treatment typically costs $1250.

The Fertility Centre has 7 centres spread across the East Coast of Australia, and one main centre in Brisbane. Their focus is on providing friendly, supportive and most importantly affordable IVF services and treatment. Unlike the other centres, their core focus is on IVF and ICSI IVF. While they provide fertility assessments, they don’t go beyond IVF as a treatment centre.

Success Rate: The Fertility Centre provide in depth details on their success across the states they operate in. Below shows the number of patients in Queensland who had a clinical pregnancy and live birth from embryos that were transferred in 2014. You can find more information on their website here.

Cost: The Fertility Centre pitch themselves as the most affordable, the cost will depend on your treatment and how long you’re treated but they provide lots of assistance for financial support on their website. They also have a IVF calculator to help you work out some initial costs - take a look here.

Couples looking for a more personal touch might like to look up Dr Campbell. She has been a specialist consultant since 2003, and full time fertility specialist for more than a decade. Having worked in a range of public hospitals in cities and rural areas, Dr Campbell completed her Masters in Reproductive Medicine in 2010 and set up her own practice. Her focus is on long term, high quality, tailored IVF treatments and building relationships with her patients. She specialises in fertility assessment and IVF only.

Success Rate: There’s no mention of success rates on her website.

Cost: Initial consultations are accepted via referral only from your GP, where the best treatments for your circumstances and costs will be discussed. Find out more here.

The My IVF clinic offer a bit of a friendlier, more accessible service for couples looking for fertility support. They’re relatively newer compared to the other clinics but are actually a part of the Monash group. They were set up to provide a more affordable fertility service, and also make use of something called MYCYCLE, a personalised online tool to help you work through your fertility journey at a pace that’s comfortable for you. They specialise in couples fertility assessment and IVF only.

Success Rates: As a part of the Monash group, they’re very confident in their success through the tools and support they provide. But do concede that there are many factors that underlie that success. The graph below provides some clarity and there’s more information on their website here.

Cost: As mentioned, their focus is on affordability, offering very competitive rates compared to some of the other centres. They also offer a free initial consultation so you know what you’re signing up to with no upfront cost. Read more here.

The Brisbane Natural Fertility clinic are unique in that they have a special emphasis on supporting women with conditions such as PCOS or endometriosis that are known to impact fertility. They support both men and women with fertility testing, and also place an emphasis on the more holistic reasons behind fertility including diet and emotional stress. They provide support in more natural and non-invasive treatments such as acupuncture.

Success Rate: They give no mention on their website regarding success rates, but do have a great page of testimonials from previous patients, have a read here.

Cost: The cost depends on your personal circumstances and what treatments you’re looking for, and it’s best to call to discuss further. New clients also receive a free nutritional consultation and plan, usually priced at $160. Find out more here.