Top 12 Fertility Clinics in Adelaide 2019

Top 12 Fertility Clinics in Adelaide 2019

The journey of pregnancy is one that many couples hope to embark on. However, it doesn’t always have a smooth start. This can be emotionally distressing and stressful for women if conception doesn’t happen right away. Fortunately, there are many viable options available to steer your fertility on the right track again.

Finding a fertility clinic is a good way to start to seek out professional medical advice about what can be done for your fertility issues. Fertility clinics are places of confidentiality, understanding, and a non-judgemental environment to help you feel at ease about what is happening in your life.

In Adelaide, there are many excellent fertility centres, able to assist women and couples in various aspects of infertility. Here are some top choices to help you find the one that is right for your needs and circumstances.

An initial consultation at Fertility SA costs $177 with further consultations costing $153.

· The first IVF treatment is $2,837.55
· An IUI cycle is $1421.05
· Ovulation induction is between $450 - $725

Flinders Fertility have open access to all clients, whether you are single, part of a same-sex couple, or in a heterosexual relationship. It is one of the oldest fertility clinics around Adelaide as it was established in 1977. This clinic contributed to assisting the first IVF conception in South Australia in 1982.

There is bulk billing available at Flinders Fertility. Here are some of the costs for different treatments:

· IVF first cycle: $2,500
· ICSI first cycle: $2,750
· Ovulation induction: $350 - $550
· Frozen cycle: $1,000

One key difference of Repromed Fertility Specialists is that it is the only clinic on South Australia that has the consulting rooms and treatment available at the one site. This means that patients don’t have to move between locations. The purpose built facility offers top quality equipment and has a range of services available.

Some of the fees associated with Repromed Fertility Specialists include:

· Initial consultation: $157
· Fertility health check: $98 single, $165 couple
· IVF first cycle: $2,632
· ICSI: $3,075.50

There are many fertility processes available at this clinic. From diagnostics to ovulation induction and IVF treatments, the Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility are highly professional, confidential, and sympathetic towards their clients.

Some of the treatments available here include:

· In vitro fertilization
· Intrauterine insemination
· Ovulation induction

With the mission of bringing hope to life, Ashford Fertility Experts is a smaller, boutique clinic that is available for patients with a personalised level of care. Each client is treated as an individual with advice, support, and understanding at every step of the fertility journey.

The treatments offered by Ashford Fertility Experts include:

· Ovulation induction
· Assisted insemination
· Intracytoplasmic sperm injection
· Surgical sperm retrieval
· Frozen embryo transfer
· Donated sperm or eggs

Rainbow Fertility specialises in IVF treatment for gays, lesbians, and transgender people. It has a very open and non-judgemental approach to its client base. Here you are not only guided on the steps to fertility, but also some steps to parenthood in general. It is very much a client based and holistic fertility clinic.

Some of the costs associated with the treatment include:

· Initial IVF cycle with Medicare: $3,800
· Clinic Donor IUI: $800 - $1,100
· Known Donor IUI: $400 per freeze

The success rates are not available on the website

    Operating in the Advanced Gynecological Surgery Centre, Dr Sally Reid is a specialist in women’s fertility issues. She works as a fertility consultant at a range of clinics, including The Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Calvary Hospital, and St Andrew’s Hospital. Her areas of work include fertility assessment and treatment, such as IVF, ovulation induction, and PCOS.

    There are many more fertility options available than most people realise at first. This can be reassuring for those who find themselves embarking on this journey. Whether you are comfortable with the medical procedures available or prefer something more natural and holistic, there is bound to be a fertility centre in Adelaide able to cater to your needs. Just remember, your pathway towards your fertility goal is as unique as you are, and these fertility clinics in Adelaide keep that at the forefront of their practice.

      This is a state of the art facility that puts the client above all else. At Adelaide Henley Beach IVF and Fertility Centre you can rest assured that your emotional well being and physical health will be taken care of with compassion and understanding.

      For IVF treatment, there is no initial registration fee and much of the treatment can be supported by Medicare. The after-Medicare costs for the first treatment $3395.45, the second treatment $2839.95, and the first consultation is between $150 - $300. The success rates are not available on the website.

      IVF Acupuncture and Support in Adelaide

        Taking a natural, healing based approach to fertility issues, Essence of Health is about using acupuncture to restore the body’s full potential for conception. It was established by Sandra Sapio with the mission of having a range of effective treatments to overcome fertility issues. Sapio works with clinics around South Australia to support and assist their clients using acupuncture so that conception happens sooner rather than later.

        Some of the natural healing techniques used by Sandra Sapio include:

        · IVF acupuncture
        · Pregnancy support
        · Hormone balancing
        · Labour preparation and induction
        · Nutritional medicine

          This is Adelaide’s leading natural health team. The clinic at Well2 has a focus on women’s health, fertility management, and IVF support. With more than ten years experience in the field, this is a recommended option by many leading IVF providers to boost your chance at conceiving.

          Some treatments offers in a natural and holistic way at Well2 include:

          · IVF acupuncture
          · Natural fertility
          · Natural pregnancy support

            Using acupuncture as a form of assisted reproduction, this clinic takes a step away from medical formulas to use the ancient Chinese treatment as a way to sort out fertility issues. It is all founded on evidence based findings. The treatment is designed to enhance the chances of natural conception or speed up the IVF cycle.

            The costs associated with the appointments include:

            · Fertility: $80 for one hour
            · Transfer: $100 for two 30 minute appointments
            · Pregnancy: $70 for one hour

            The success rates are not available on the website.