Top 20 Fertility Acupuncturists on the Sunshine Coast 2019

Top 20 Fertility Acupuncturists on the Sunshine Coast 2019

Note: This article in no way claims these experts to be the absolute best, neither does BabyInfo or this article guarantee an sort of success with these fertility experts

Although it is all part of the natural circle of life, getting pregnant can be more challenging than expected. For many reasons including medical issues, lifestyle factors, and genetic conditions, sometimes women just can’t fall pregnant.

If you have fertility issues, rest assured that you aren’t alone. In fact, 1 in 6 Australia couples have trouble conceiving. This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you or your body, it just means you might need to seek out some additional assistance.

While IVF or some sort of medical intervention seems like the most obvious choice, there are plenty of more natural remedies available to help with infertility. If you would rather keep things all natural with conception, why not consider seeing a fertility acupuncturist.

Acupuncture is used to support fertility and boost chances of conception. It does so by promoting blood flow to the reproductive organs and relieving stress. Having a healthy and relaxed body can increase the chance of fertilization quite significantly.

Here are some of the top fertility acupuncturists in the Sunshine Coast for your reference.

    Honour Health Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Clinic uses acupuncture as a way to boost natural fertility and help couples conceive naturally. She also uses the practice to support couples going through IVF. Also, she is able to assist with hormonal imbalances and diseases such as endometriosis and fibroids. Her specialised focus in on women’s health.

    Location: Buddina
    Years experience: Since 1994
    Main fertility treatment: IVF support, hormonal balance
    Qualification: Masters of Health Science (Acupuncture), Certificate of Chinese Medicine

      A skilled acupuncturist with a specialised focus in fertility management and general pregnancy health, Andrea Bickett is a great choice to go see. She takes a holistic approach to your fertility issues and incorporates the best of eastern and western medicine. She has studied extensively in Japan and China to learn diverse skills.

      Location: Twin Waters
      Years experience: Over 10 years
      Main fertility treatment: natural fertility management, IVF support
      Qualification: Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture)

        Focusing on natural health methods and solutions for the whole family, Tanya Keam specialises in women’s health concerns. Within this, she has years of experience in fertility management. Not only does she deal with the physical side effects of infertility, but also the emotional wellbeing journey. She can help with both natural fertility and IVF support.

        Location: Buderim
        Years experience: Since 2004
        Main fertility treatment: Natural fertility management, IVF support
        Qualification: Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine)

          After years experience around the world, including studying in Beijing and working in Melbourne, Richard Jiang opened the Sunshine Coast Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic 10 years ago. He is highly qualified in acupuncture treatment to treat the body in various ways. Part of his services include infertility treatment and IVF which claims to increase the likelihood of conception.

          Location: Bokarina
          Years experience: Since 1985
          Main fertility treatment: Infertility, IVF support,
          Qualification: Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture)

            On top of a range of general bodily treatments, Dylan Watson has undergone specialist training in fertility management and women's issues. He has a breadth of knowledge and training in Chinese and Japanese acupuncture to assist with fertility management and IVF support. The natural therapies he offers are holistic and tailored to patient’s individual needs.

            Location: Coolum Beach
            Years experience: Not mentioned on website
            Main fertility treatment: IVF support, fertility management
            Qualification: Bachelor of Acupuncture and Chinese Remedial Massage

              Along with a range of experiences, Erica French specialises in women’s health and fertility issues. She works to assist the body for natural fertility or to enhance the IVF cycle. Her focus is looking at the mind and body as one and offers holistic health services to ease bodily pain and tension as well as stress when it comes to getting pregnant. She has an alliance with Fertility Health Services in Buderim and works closely with them.

              Location: Buderim, Caloundra
              Years experience: Not mentioned
              Main fertility treatment: IVF and ICSI support, natural fertility treatment
              Qualification: Bachelor Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine

                Freda Dunn offers a range of health services for natural support. Fertility management is one of her top services and she approaches this with a holistic way. She also offers diet and lifestyle management to boost natural fertility. Her main area is in preconception care and management.

                Location: Noosa
                Years experience: Over 25 years
                Main fertility treatment: Natural fertility management
                Qualification: Not stated on website

                  Offering expert advice on male and female infertility, Dr Wayne Pickstone is a highly skilled and professional acupuncturist. His practice is focused on restoring natural balances in the body and promoting blood flow to the reproductive organs. He offers a free consultation for new patients to get to know their needs.

                  Location: Noosa Heads
                  Years experience: Since 1988
                  Main fertility treatment: Male and female infertility management
                  Qualification: Doctor of Chinese Medicine

                    After volunteering together in India in the 1980s, this couple became interested in acupuncture treatment. Their combined experiences include nursing, homeopathy, and Chinese medicine. They offer fertility management as one of their many services, as well as pregnancy and birthing assistance. 

                    Location: Keiss Mountain
                    Years experience: Since the 1980s
                    Main fertility treatment: Natural fertility management for males and females
                    Qualification: Degree in Chinese Medicine and Nursing

                      Dr Caitlin Kinnear uses Chinese medicine and acupuncture to treat a range of bodily issues, including infertility. She takes a holistic and natural approach in looking at the mind, body, and spirit. She combines Chinese herbalism and moxibustion techniques to promote natural conception and IVF support.

                      Location: Maleny
                      Years experience: Since 2005
                      Main fertility treatment: Infertility and IVF support
                      Qualification: Degree in Chinese Medicine

                        Billie is the founder of BL Natural Health which focuses on gut and hormonal health. As a mother and women, she understands the stress of pregnancy and conception. Her services focus on the physical effects and the emotional stress. From a naturopathic and acupuncturist point of view, she offers fertility support.

                        Location: Beerwah
                        Years experience: Not mentioned
                        Main fertility treatment: Fertility management, IVF support
                        Qualification: Not mentioned

                          Practicing the gentle art of Japanese acupuncture, Emma Iwinska has a special interest in obstetrics and gynaecology. She is an experienced and caring holistic practitioner, helping to support those experiencing fertility issues along with other health concerns.

                          Location: Eumundi
                          Years experience: Over 15 years
                          Main fertility treatment: Natural fertility management
                          Qualification: Bachelor Degree of Health Science

                            Amongst her years of experience in natural fertility management, Amy Rhodes developed her special interest in hormonal balancing techniques to achieve a natural fertility solution. She is well versed in delivering treatments for couples undergoing IVF treatment or enhancing their natural fertility. She can help improve the fertility health of both men and women.

                            Location: Cooroy
                            Years experience: Not mentioned
                            Main fertility treatment: Hormone balance and natural fertility solutions for men and women
                            Qualification: Doctor of Chinese Medicine

                              Covering a range of natural health methods, James provides exceptional support in infertility management and IVF support. His acupuncture treatments are available for both men and women to help restore a positive flow to the hormones and the body so that conception can be achieved.

                              Location: Currimundi
                              Years experience: Since 2009
                              Main fertility treatment: Infertility and IVF support
                              Qualification: Advanced Diploma of Acupuncture

                                With experience and excellent communication skills, Patricia uses the art of eastern medicine as a holistic approach. She takes into account the individual’s circumstances to find the best way to help. Her special focus is in women’s health and natural pain management, aiming to restore the body and hormones to their holistic flow.

                                Location: Sunshine Coast
                                Years experience: Not mentioned
                                Main fertility treatment: Women’s health and natural fertility
                                Qualification: Masters Degree of Oriental Medicine

                                  With a gentle, compassionate, and open minded approach, Dr Grace Jones aims to look at the whole picture to solve fertility issues. She is passionate about women’s health and treating things that hinder fertility, such as endometritis and PCOS.

                                  Location: Maroochydore and Buddina
                                  Years experience: Not mentioned
                                  Main fertility treatment: Women’s health and natural fertility solutions
                                  Qualification: Masters of Applied Science

                                    The one on one acupuncture services from Victoria help to treat a range of issues, including infertility and IVF support. She is also experienced in handling pregnancy and childbirth, offering techniques to help ease pain that occurs. Victoria uses acupuncture to restore a natural balance to the hormones of both men and women to help reach conception.

                                    Location: Sunshine Coast
                                    Years experience: Since 2008
                                    Main fertility treatment: Infertility and IVF support.
                                    Qualification: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Doula qualification

                                      Available throughout the week and on weekends, Lynda uses acupuncture to treat a wide array of health concerns. Each treatment is tailored to the individual patient’s needs. Lynda uses acupunctural services to restore the body’s natural energy flow and promote hormonal balance to the reproductive organs.

                                      Location: Coolum Beach
                                      Years experience: since 2002
                                      Main fertility treatment: Natural fertility management
                                      Qualification: Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture)

                                        A compassionate and enthusiastic healer using traditional Chinese medicine techniques, Jo-anne offers acupuncture for natural fertility management. Her main area of interest in in restoring the body to a natural hormonal flow. The services are available for both men and women. 

                                        Location: Buderim
                                        Years experience: Not mentioned
                                        Main fertility treatment: Male and female infertility management
                                        Qualification: Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture)

                                          With healing solutions from head to toe, Julie Starsage focuses on women’s health concerns such as menstrual problems. She is experienced in supporting natural fertility and helping couples achieve conception by promoting a healthy flow of hormones. Julie aims to unlock the body’s natural healing methods in a holistic way.

                                          Location: Sunshine Coast
                                          Years experience: Not mentioned
                                          Main fertility treatment: Natural fertility management
                                          Qualification: Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine